People are the greatest

via Discover Challenge: The Greatest _______ in the World

I think people are the greatest. People from all races, backgrounds, opinions, beliefs,  who have suffered or yet suffer  all forms of discrimination, extremism, violence, injustice. People who have lost their families, their children, in bombings, wars or acts of terrorism.

People who have abandoned their countries and homes  to escape death like in Syria. People who have lost work and dignity  and whose life has reached  their ending point but yet they  find the strength to live.

People who suffer poverty and analphabetism even in the era of modernization and technology.

People who save life are the greatest , who show compassion towards  pain and suffering of other people. People who have shared  their homes , food and have raised voice towards injustice.

People who despite everything, have dreams and hopes, live their life with love ,peace and strength  are the Greatest.



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