The day you become spring

The day  you can’t  deny spring,

is the day you don’t complain,

even as your body  still aches

from the long, harsh winter.

It doesn’t happen in one day,

not even after the longest night,

when all you wish for

 is some sort of magic,

 to lighten you up.

It takes its time,

 it happens lightly.

The sun patiently embraces you each day,

 little by little, until it warms your heart .

The blood flows,

 awakening your  cold limbs.

The warmness within

rushes through your veins,

 lightens up your smile,

until it reaches your eyes.

Finally the sun colors your hair,

with the brightest  sunshine.

And, on that very day ,

you become spring.

By:Albina Shehetila      


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