The Philosophy Behind The Old And Broken Things

This is a cup , which I photographed last year ,during a lunch in a traditional Japanese Restaurant in Berlin with a  Japanese friend of mine, who lives there.

I was carefully observing  the cup ,when she explained me,that according to an old Japanese tradition ,the broken, damaged, cracked objects do not get out of use in Japan.

As I have always been fascinated from Japanese traditions, I searched and found that there is a philosophy behind it , and it is called: “wabi-sabi ” which means “to find beauty in broken things or old things”.

Later on, it happened that my personal cup of coffee, got broken at its tail. (The photo) . I call it personal cup of coffee because I love coffee and I drink coffee only with my cup.I take it with me, in my trips, and I even bought it during a trip .After that,it made sense for me ,to name my cup of coffee “wabi-sabi”

   My “wabi-sabi “cup of coffee

And later on,almost a week ago, I happened to read this article:”Illuminating the Beauty in Our Broken Places” by Omid Safi at on ,which I have recently started to follow thanks to great articles shared in Word Press.

I am sharing this article and wish you will enjoy it as much as I did.May be you have personal “wabi-sabi”experiences as well, and this article will make sense as much as it did for me.

Thank you for enjoying!


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