Ampelmann, one of the cutest traffic signs

One of the cutest things that I noticed in Berlin is Ampelmann ( Ampelmännchen) the very popular  traffic sign   used in Eastern German part,  created in 1961 by traffic psychologist Karl Peglau (1927–2009). It was created  as part of a proposal for a new traffic lights layout and shows a symbolic person on the red and green pedestrian traffic lights. Peglau  created a traffic light that would be both appealing to children, yet easily accessible and understandable for elderly Germans. He deliberately designed the human figures, known as the Ampelmännchen, to be both creative and “cute”. Ampelmann has been described as uniting “beauty with efficiency, charm with utility, [and] sociability with fulfillment of duties”(Der Spiegel).It reminded people of a childlike figure with big head and short legs, or a religious leader.

Below is a photo that I have taken in Ampelmann Shop,in which every product  was based on Peglau’s original designs.

Thank you for enjoying!

IMG_7903 Ampelmann Store.jpg

©Albina Shehetila

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