Albanian Heritage


For the weekly subject theme of Heritage , I have chosen one of the most known Albanian cities, Berat. Berat is well known for his cultural heritage ,historical architecture  and beautiful landscapes. It is one of the world’s oldest continuously inhabited cities, it and also on the UNESCO World Heritage List.  The city is also called the city of “One above another Windows” because of the way the houses are positioned(featured image).In the photos (from inside the castle part of the city)you may see very unique paths, houses, mosque, church, handmade table mats , antic objects and beautiful landscapes of the city.

Thank you for enjoying!


                                                                                                 2017©Albina Shehetila


                                                                                                      2017©Albina Shehetila


2017©Albina Shehetila


7 thoughts on “Albanian Heritage

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  1. Your featured image is certainla striking and in my opinion compares to anyting which for instance Greece can offer. I also found it interesting an co-incidental to see that his post obout Berat Albania is done by Albania until I realized your name is Albina 🙂


    1. The featured image despite being quite unique from its architectural side is also inscribed in Unesco Heritage List. Please consider that there are also many other beautiful places in Albania , Thank you for your consideration.


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